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While growing up on Long Island, I guess I was
around ten or eleven years old, my cousin Ellie
and her husband Frank would often visit us to
enjoy the pool and a fun backyard barbecue.
They would bring their children for us to play
with while they lounged. The one thing that
caught my eye was Uncle Frank, as I called
him, reclining with a large pad on his lap
drawing away, always while chatting with the
other adults. I would find myself frequently
looking over his shoulder only to find that
what he was drawing with no reference was,
Al Capp’s syndicated newspaper
column, ”Little Abner.”
Little did I know the
influence he would have in my life in less
than a decade. To this I say, ”Thanks for
being there Frank Frazetta.”



"Ken' s art has something that other's don't.  Many artists working in the field today seem to me a little superficial.  They place a lot of criteria on areas that are not of particular interest, where as Ken hits you with exactly what works.  I believe an artist should give you fantastic images, what he imagines, and Ken does this extremely well."
- Frank Frazetta 1990